Professional/ Clinical Consultations

Professional/ Clinical Consultations

Skilled professionals including medical professionals, educators, first responders, body workers, as well as mental health providers often run into peculiar circumstance when normal intervention does not work. Often this is an indication that there is a nervous system survival process at work that a client cannot be talked out of. Helping professionals succeed with clients that nothing seems to work for.

Reasons a professional may seek consultation:

  • Normal interventions are not working with a particular client
  • Interested in applying Somatic work in your practice
  • Feeling stuck or isolated in your work
  • More effective results for your clients
  • Looking for inspiration
  • Team approach to treatment

Alicen’s professional consultations can provide a collaborative and enhanced approach to your practice to help you gain new skills, enhance existing skills, address difficult clients or simply validate your professional approach.

Consult sessions meet requirements for faculty consult at all levels of training and count for both SE and DARe.