Online and Teleconference

Online and Teleconference

Truly life changing technology . . .

We are experiencing a paradigm shift in the delivery of mental health services due to the technology that exists today by which we can effectively take our office visit on line. Phone consultations started long ago but they lacked the visual capacity that is so necessary in the practice of SE.

Since the advent of psychotherapy the patient has been required to commit not only the time to receiving actual therapy, but they have had to investment additional time and treasure on commuting, wait time, delays and cancellations.

Alicen has embraced the technological advances which allow for online/internet sessions. She has worked on line with clients from across the globe and across town. The ease of use and effectiveness has made internet sessions a larger and large percentage of her private practice.

All services must abide by local telehealth LPC guidelines.

A Real Option:

Reasons why online therapy may work for you:

  • Time: Today’s schedules are filled to the brim. Travel time varies by location but is often a factor.
  • Accessibility: Physical or mental limitations
  • Geography: Often specialized therapists are not available in your town or region
  • Responsibility: Home or business responsibilities often conflict with your health commitment

Online therapy sessions may be a viable option for you. You can contact Alicen by phone or email for an introductory consultation to discuss what would be the best arrangement for you.