What is Somatic Attachment Training Experience (SATe) ?

Adult relationships offer the most powerful opportunity to resolve old, insecure patterns based on adaptations that originally relate to lack of safety, trust, consistency or protection—to name just a few possible bonding deficits.

This workshop provides the keys to the mystery of healthy relationships by teaching you how to compassionately free yourself from the patterns of early attachment wounds that influence adult relationships. This important information is crucial for therapists who want to work with their clients’ potential for deeper, happier and more fulfilling relationships.

During the education you will be trained in all 4 Attachment Styles – secure, avoidant, ambivalent and disorganized. Teaching will be based on theory, practice and study. Key questions participants will explore include:

  • Where does the attachment originate from?
  • How to identify those attachment styles?
  • How to work therapeutically with somatic attachment?

None of us is simply defined by only one attachment style, and we usually contain elements from all four of them. It is a complex territory to work with attachment styles. It will be a goal during the Certification Program to give participants the confidence to identify attachment styles and to skillfully reestablish secure attachment. This will be accomplished by constantly shifting between teaching theory, training in groups, individual work, and demonstrations. Additionally, you will also work with your own attachment styles and come to a place of resolution within yourself regarding old wounds.