SE Participant Consultations

Group Consultations

Consultations are for SE® training participants and practitioners of Somatic Experiencing®. These sessions are an opportunity to gain insight into the artistry that is Somatic Experiencing ® . These sessions are required for all module training levels for Somatic Experiencing® Practioner Certification. Attendees can ask questions, or bring difficult cases for which Alicen can assist and consult on. 

3 hours of group case consultation will count as 1 credit hour of individual consultation time toward the required eighteen hours for the SEP certificate.

Sample topics include:

  • Working with SE: better client results with less effort
  • Restoring the “ I can” in practitioners and clients
  • Working with your most challenging clients
  • Here-and Now: Mindfulness and Therapy
  • Integration of Archetypic material, and eidetics
  • Spiritual Development and theological themes in treatment
  • Dissociation
  • Interpersonal process and resonance


Alicen schedules group consultations periodically for which you can pre-register. See Alicen’s calendar for current scheduled consultations.

She can also schedule special consultations to meet the needs(geographic and schedule) of groups of SE trainees. Contact Alicen directly to check availability and pricing.


Individual Case Consultations

Individual case consultations have the same intent as the group consultations but are done one on one. These sessions are therefore more personalized and individualized. The topics are specific to your area of interest.

Personal Sessions

Personal sessions provide and opportunity to experience Somatic Experiencing from the inside out. One of the most effective ways to learn and understand the SE process is from personal experience. This is the forum in which you can introduce SE to your personal process.

Somatic Experiencing® 3- Year Training Program Requirements

In order to obtain your SEP Certificate you will be required to have the following personal sessions and case consultations.

Beginning Level (Year One)
4 hours of Personal Sessions
4 hours of Case Consultation

Intermediate Level (Year Two)
4 hours of Personal Sessions
6 hours of Case Consultation

Advanced Level (Year Three)
4 hours of Personal Sessions
8 hours of Case Consultation

3-Year S.E.P. Totals
12 hours of Personal Sessions
18 hours of Case Consultation